• Are there any taxes that we need to pay?

    You do not need to pay stamp duty or capital gains tax. If you are a British resident you will also avoid inheritance tax. Property tax is also very cheep as the Egyptian pound has a good exchange rate. If the property is less than $91,000 than you may not need to pay tax. Property tax ranges from 0-660L.E 

  • Is the cost of buying a property high?

    No. Each property has its own individual price plan so it’s easy and open for everyone. Egypt has one of the lowest property prices compared to Europe and you can get a stunning villa or apartment for a lot less than you would normally pay for high quality. 

  • Does it cost a lot to run a property in Egypt?

    Like with any property there are costs such as water and electricity, but in Egypt the costs are so low which is one of the appeals to this country. In “For Free” we offer maintenance on some of our projects to help you with your home. 

  • How is Egypt after the revolution? Is it safe?

    Egypt still has one of the lowest crime rates in the world this can be backed up by recent surveys. During the revolution tempers and frustrations were running high. In the main tourist towns along the Red Sea the only reminder of what was going on was on the local TV networks. In the aftermath of the revolution the tourists have started to come back and businesses are running normally again. The people are still very friendly to the foreigner and you will always be welcomed with a smile anywhere you go.

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